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Über uns

As a family business we started our business in 1982

Exanvil GmbH

Exanvil ist ein deutsches Handelsunternehmen mit umfassender Erfahrung im Handel mit allen Eisen- und Stahlprodukten. Als Familienbetrieb haben wir unser Geschäft 1982 begonnen und sind an die Söhne übergegangen, um den Marsch abzuschließen und das Vertrauen zu wahren, Kunden auf der ganzen Welt mit Eisen- und Stahlprodukten zu versorgen


We have old and strong relationships with the largest iron factories in Europe.

that enable us to open more room in the selection of materials for our clients with high quality and competitive prices by obtaining the goods directly from the producing factories and in quantities that cover the needs of our markets and our customers.

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We have warehouses for storing goods in Europe.

We have a whole team of highly experienced people who always strives to keep pace with the global commercial markets.

We export all types of iron first and second class.

Prime Second-choice Steel

Mission & Vision

Provide exceptional, reliable services and solutions to the producers and consumers

Our services

offering a range of services, Prime & Second-choice Steel

Presale advice

making the market accessible at the best price/quality ratio

sales and after sales logistics

facilitate all the steps when buying steel lots


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